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Chemical Injection
Control the chemistry of the feed water to reduce and prevent fouling.
Fresh Water Flush
Fresh Water Flush
The fresh water flush greatly prolongs the life of the membranes by rinsing them with fresh water at the touch of a button. The fresh water flush automatically repeats itself every seven days.
Media Filter
Multi-Media Filter
The multi-media filter traps suspended solids larger than 30 microns to provide additional protection for the system's pre-filters, which can greatly extend pre-filter element life.
U.V. Sterilizer
The Ultraviolet Sterilizer is the final process where 99.8% of all micro-organisms, including reproducing bacteria and viruses, are sterilized. Ultraviolet replacement U.V. lamps are also available. Please specify voltage when ordering.
pH Neutralizer
pH Neutralizer
The Sea Recovery pH Neutralizing Filter provides pH neutralization of the reverse osmosis system product water.