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Get commercial-size water capacity without the need of extra maintenance and large space. With its unique fully automatic operation and unlimited remote control options, the Aqua Matic XL can be completely and confidently operated from just anywhere. It will stand out in all applications including workboat, mega yachts, support vessels, sport fish, charter and diving / cruising boats. Perfect for any vessel where large quantities of water are needed quickly and easily.

Medium to high range fresh water production
The AquaMatic XL is smaller than the average sized high capacity water system. It's largest capacity model produces up to 3,400 gallons (12,870 liters) of pure water per day, making it ideal for large boats to mega yachts over 80 feet (24 meters) .
More advanced control capabilities
The Aquamatic's new advanced full color touch screen controller allows complete automation with one touch and is easy to use.


  • One-touch automation eliminates the need for an operator's attention.
  • Automatic pressure regulating system - allows the watermaker to balance pressure levels automatically based on any water condition.
  • Weekly automatic fresh water flush timing and sequential starting of electric motors with manual override.
  • Automatic shut down, either time duration or product quantity.


  • Hour Meter for keeping accurate ship's logs & schedule preventative maintenance.
  • New solid state electronic flow meters for visual monitoring of the product water and feed water flow used to calculate production rates of the system.
  • Digital and bar graph Salinity Meter shows actual product water quality, an essential tool for product water monitoring.


  • Exclusive high efficiency booster pump for extended pre-filter life.
  • Uses a high pressure plunger pump that has a typical maintenance schedule every 2,000 hours.
  • State-of-the-art high pressure pump is manufactured with a highly corrosion and erosion resistant Duplex material which provides protection far beyond 316 stainless steel.
  • Quiet high pressure pump runs smooth and is free of pulsations.


  • Full color remote touch screen
  • Optional Soft Motor Starter is available for single phase AC powered systems that reduces start up power by 60%.
  • Clear viewable Sea Strainer with a cleanable Monel Mesh Screen filter for ultimate corrosion resistance and large particulate removal.
  • Charcoal Filter Assembly, Commercial Prefilter, Oil Water Separator, pH Neutralizer, and Automatic Fresh Water Flush are included when requested at the time of order.



  • Computer interface ready.
  • Simple-to-use touch screen displays pictorial images of all operating conditions.
  • Digital and bar graph readout of all system conditions in U.S. Standard or Metric.
  • Ability to display in multiple languages.


  • Optional NMEA 2000 compliace interface.
  • View and monitor system controls through any NMEA compatible display*. You can even start up and shut down your system from your remote display.
  • Optional NMEA remote control display available


  • Dedicated heavy duty Magnetic Latching Relays for each motor integrated in the system.
  • 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Transducers for accurate measurement of system functions.
  • New High rejection / high yield membrane element that produces higher quality product water in a smaller space.
  • Fiberglass Reinforced High Pressure Membrane Vessel is stronger and eliminates corrosion.


  • A failsafe Product Water Diversion Valve
  • Unique Low Voltage Control Circuitry, shielded terminals, and covered high voltage components for end-user safety.


  • The Aqua Matic is shipped from the factory ready to install and function.
  • There are no optional items required, and a complete installation kit is also included along with a comprehensive and detailed Owner's Operation & Maintenance Manual.
  • Worldwide Service and Sales Network for immediate attention regardless of location
  • Technical service dedicated to excellent system performance