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Aqua Matic Touch Screen Remote
AQM Remote Touch Screen Remote Control
The user-friendly remote touch screen displays pictorial images of all operating conditions which can also be viewed from any location on the boat. All system readings can be selected to display either U.S. Standard or Metric measurements.
Fresh Water Flush
Fresh Water Flush Drawing Fresh Water Flush
The fresh water flush greatly prolongs the life of the membranes by rinsing them with fresh water at the touch of a button. Automatically flushes your system every seven days.
Multi Media Filter
Multi Media Filter Drawing Multi-Media Filter
The multi-media filter traps suspended solids larger than 30 microns to provide additional protection for the system's pre-filters, which can greatly extend pre-filter element life.
Oil Water Separator
Oil Water Separator Drawing Oil Water Separator
The Oil/Water Separator Canister protects the reverse osmosis membranes from oily or polluted water sources.
Commercial Prefilter
Commercial Prefilter Drawing Commercial Pre filter
The Commercial size Pre-Filter Canister replaces the Standard Pre-Filters, providing longer intervals between necessary filter cleaning and replacement.
Plankton Filter
Plankton Filter Drawing Plankton Filter
The plankton filter traps suspended solids larger than 100 micron, thus providing additional protection for the system's pre-filters, which ultimately extend pre-filter element life (Dual design available).
Plankton Filter
pH Neutralizer
The Sea Recovery pH Neutralizing Filter provides pH neutralization of the reverse osmosis system product water.