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Maximum Production: From 5,500 to 21,000 gallons (20,820 to 79,493 liters) per day

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Tasman Sea Consumables

Replacement Filters
Replacement Filters
Whether for the pre-filtration stage or post treatment stage, the Sea Recovery R.O. Filter Elements are an essential part in proper system performance.
Membrane Element Storage
Membrane Element Storage
These chemicals inhibit bacterial growth while maintaining the high flux and salt rejection of the R.O. Membrane Element.

Membrane Element Cleaning Compound #1 (SRC MCC-1) is an alkaline cleaner designed to clean biological fouling and slight oil fouling from the R.O. membrane element.

Membrane Element Cleaning Compound #2 (SRC MCC-2) is an acid cleaner designed to clean calcium carbonate and other mineral deposits from the R.O. membrane element.

Membrane Element Cleaning Compound #3 (SRC MCC-3) is used for iron fouling. If the system's R.O. membrane element is fouled with rust from iron piping, then SRC CC-3 may be used for effective removal of light or moderate rust fouling.
Crankcase oil
Crankcase Oil
Crankcase Oil is a specially formulated hydraulic lubricant with anti-wear, de-oxidizer, and rust inhibitor additives.