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Maximum Production: 44 metric tons (11,999 gal) to 200 metric tons (54,000 gal) per day
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North Sea Modular Dimensions


Control Panel /
Membrane Skid

  • a. Single membrane configuration • 62" / 1575mm
  • b. Double membrane configuration • 102" / 2591mm
  • c. Triple membrane configuration • 145" / 3683 mm
North Sea Control Skid Dimensions
Media Filter Skid North Sea Modula Media Filter
Pre-filter /
Carbon Post Filteration Skid
North Sea Modular Prefilter Skid

Booster Pump /
Radial Axial HP Pump

North Sea Modular Booster Pump

High Pressure Pump motor 50Hz - 65GPM (optional)

North Sea Modular Optional Pump