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The revolutionary Java Sea is engineered to be easier to use and more reliable than conventional watermakers. Featuring the latest technology, the JAVA SEA is able to regulate and monitor system functions without the need of an operator. With one touch, the Java Sea will start and finish water production automatically.

Maximum Production
: 2400-3600 GPD 9-13 M3/D
Click here to download the Java Sea's PDF Spec Sheet

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Java Sea Accessories

Aqua Matic Screen
Remote Drawing
Remote Control
The new state-of-the-art Touch Pad Remote Control Unit allows for remote operation and supervision of your system.
Soft Motor Start
Soft Motor Start
The new SRC Soft Motor Starter (SMS) reduces start-up amps by 45%. This allows operation from smaller generators.
Fresh Water Flush
Fresh Water Flush Drawing Fresh Water Flush
The fresh water flush greatly prolongs the life of the membranes by rinsing them with fresh water at the touch of a button. Automatically flushes your system every seven days.
UV Sterilizer
UV Sterilizer Drawing
UV Sterilizer
The Ultraviolet Sterilizer processes up to 2 gallons/minute. The result is a 99.8% sterilization of all micro-organisms, including reproducing bacteria and viruses. Ultraviolet replacement U.V. lamps are also available. Please specify voltage when ordering.
Multi Media Filter
Multi Media Filter Drawing Multi-Media Filter
The multi-media filter traps suspended solids larger than 30 microns to provide additional protection for the system's pre-filters, which can greatly extend pre-filter element life.
Oil Water Separator
Oil Water Separator Drawing Oil Water Separator
The Oil/Water Separator Canister protects the reverse osmosis membranes from oily or polluted water sources.
Commercial Prefilter
Commercial Pre filter
The Commercial size Pre-Filter Canister replaces the Standard Pre-Filters, providing longer intervals between necessary filter cleaning and replacement.
Plankton Filter
Plankton Filter Drawing Plankton Filter
The plankton filter traps suspended solids larger than 100 micron, thus providing additional protection for the system's pre-filters, which ultimately extend pre-filter element life (Dual design available).
Plankton Filter
pH Neutralizer
The Sea Recovery pH Neutralizing Filter provides pH neutralization of the reverse osmosis system product water.