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Maximum Production: From 5,500 to 21,000 gallons (20,820 to 79,493 liters) per day

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Tasman Sea Features


  • Automatic fresh water flush (repeats every 7 days) (optional)


  • Digital and bar graph Salinity Meter shows actual product water quality, an essential tool for product water monitoring
  • Micro Processor Controlled Electronics provide state-of-the-art technology and reliability with weekly Automatic Fresh Water Flush Timing and sequential starting of electric motors with manual override.
  • Solid state electronic Flow Meters for visual monitoring of the product water and feed water flow used to calculate production rates of the system


  • Exclusive high efficiency Booster Pump


  • Ultra Violet Sterilizer (optional)
  • Clear viewable Sea Strainer with a cleanable Monel Mesh Screen filter for ultimate corrosion resistance and large particulate removal (Optional).
  • Dual Mulitmedia Filters


  • A failsafe Product Water Diversion Valve
  • Unique Low Voltage Control Circuitry, shielded terminals, and covered high voltage components for end-user safety


  • Aluminum light weight framing with custom corrosion resistant powder coating.
  • New High rejection / High yield membrane element that produces higher quality product water.
  • Fiberglass Reinforced High Pressure Membrane Vessel eliminates corrosion, is stronger, and more durable.
  • 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Transducers for accurate measurement of system functions


  • Shipped from the factory ready to install and function. There are no optional items required, and a complete installation kit is also included along with a comprehensive and detailed Owner's Operation & Maintenance Manual.
  • Worldwide Service and Sales Network for immediate attention regardless of location
  • One-Year Warranty on the watermaker and membranes
  • Five Year warranty on High Pressure Pumps and pressure vessels.
  • Technical service dedicated to excellent system performance