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Sea Recovery Applications / Industries

Sea Recovery provides high capacity RO systems to a wide range of industries. Our systems are built to withstand various water conditions and accommodate the needs of almost any industry.

Commercial Marine markets

Sea Recovery has serviced the Commercial Marine market for 30 years, specializing in applications such as cruise ships, mega yachts, large power yachts, RORO, container ships, and bulk carriers. Our wide range of systems accommodate production capacities as well as system size and configuration.         View Sea Recovery standard systems

Offshore - Oil and Gas

Sea Recovery offers large capacity systems that accommodate the Offshore / Oil and Gas Industry. From systems that are designed to fit through water proof doors to systems that are configured to be fully automated and monitored via Ethernet or ModBus communication.
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Sea Recovery has serviced military vessels with customized systems. All Sea Recovery systems are built to withstand any water condition and come standard with special configurations that let you choose your level of control, from basic to fully automated controls.         View Sea Recovery standard systems


From man made islands to floating hotels, Sea Recovery has accommodated standard and customized systems to comply with the needs of the land base water systems.

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